Facing a pandemic (COVID-19), is a first for just about everyone. Throughout the development of this situation we have experienced an overload of information, drastic changes to our schedules, and a tremendous sense of uncertainty. While these things can trigger real fear and anxiety, the antidote to the emotional upheaval is hope.
To combat fear, we created the “Hope is Contagious” movement. Sharing God’s word is a powerful way to spread hope within the confinement of social distancing. As we put our hope in Jesus, we can proceed throughout this situation with peace.
We are determined to put Hope on the map! Each time a person joins the movement and tags their location, we will add their location to our Hope Map below. This map is updated every day. Let’s spread Hope, together!
Here’s how to join the Hope is Contagious Movement:
  1. Spend time with your family and create artwork that displays your favorite scriptures full of God’s promises.
  2. Hang your artwork in a window for your neighbors and community to see.
  3. Post a picture of you and your family’s artwork and use the hashtag #HOPEiscontagious (remember to pin your location)
  4. Encourage your family and friends to participate.