Adult Ministries


Men, 18 years and older
Purpose: To make intentional efforts together to learn how to biblically be the spiritual leaders of the Church and their households.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational, Volunteer Service

FAC Ladies

Ladies, 18 years and older
Purpose: To promote a deeper relationship with the Lord, with each other, and to provide support in time of need.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational, Volunteer Service

Life Timers

Married couples, over age 45
Purpose: To build connections during fun outings.
Type: Recreational

Better Together

Married couples, up to age 45
Purpose: To strengthen connection with one another via diverse and exciting events.
Type: Recreational


Singles, ages 18 – 29
Purpose: To help young adults connect and stay rooted in God as they embark on the beginning years of adulthood.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational


Singles, ages 30 – 45
Purpose: To Connect, Empower, and Thrive in every aspect of their lives being family, work, and relationship with God.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational

FAC Singles

Singles, over age 45
Purpose: To encourage one another to embrace this season of life, make them feel special and have fun together.
Type: Recreational

FAC Veterans

Purpose: To preserve and strengthen patriotism within the body of Christ, share stories, and build relationships.
Type: Recreational, Volunteer Service

Student Ministries

Kids Zone

Children, ages 3 – 11
Purpose: To teach kids who God is and empower them to invest in their relationship with God now.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational

FAC Youth

Students, ages 12 – 18
Purpose: To help students become disciples of Jesus and find their purpose in God.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational

Bible Quizzing

Students, ages 12 – 18
Purpose: To hide the word of God in their hearts through memorization and study of scripture.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational


Boys, ages 7 – 11
Purpose: To learn life lessons from survival tips to building things with the goal to become “mighty men of valor” (Judges 6:12).
Type: Recreational


Girls, ages 7 – 11
Purpose: gather every other month for exciting activities and fun outings centered around biblical teachings and values.
Type: Spiritual, Recreational

FAC Christian School 

Private Christian School, K-5 – 8th grade
Purpose: To give children a well rounded education including biblical principals.
Type: Affiliation

Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege

Private Christian School & Childcare, K-3 & K-4
During the spring, winter, and summer break, TKK remains open as a childcare for children, 3 years and older.
Type: Affiliation
Tallmadge Kiddie Kollege is currently hiring! Click the link below to inquire.

Additional Ministries


Our Missions Department exists to keep us connected to the global efforts of reaching the world with the gospel.  Frequently, we are updated from the missionaries we support around the globe.

Multicultural Ministries

Heaven is going to be a multicultural place, and out desire is for it to be in FAC as it is in Heaven. So, this ministry is designed to provide resources and tools to help people of all cultures receive and understand the gospel message and get connected with FAC.

Guest Services

Guest Services is a ministry designed to make guests’ experiences at FACTALLMADGE pleasant, memorable, and welcoming.


The music team leads the congregation in worship each service to aid in setting the atmosphere to prepare hearts and minds for the Word of God.


The media team works to enhance our services by providing visual support to our congregation and production teams.

Need Prayer? We’ll Pray For You

Need prayer? We would love to pray for you. You can send us a message for prayer.