The Power of God’s Word

“Thou art my hiding place and my shield: I hope in thy word.”  -Psalms 119:114
Many of us know the Bible as the main tool preachers use in church, a book that sits on a coffee table, and/or an app that encourages us with daily scriptures.  There have been times that it just seemed like a source to gain a phrase to help us have a better day.  However, what happens when you go through a rough season, and it seems like all hope is lost?
The good news is the Bible hold more power than just the ability to boost your mood.  It is powerful.  David said in the verse above, that God’s word is his hope.  Reading the Bible is a great way to get to know Jesus.  You will learn what pleases him, what he dislikes, how he responds to people in different situations; and you will learn that God is faithful.  So, when nothing is going right in life, you can stand on the promises of God found in scripture, knowing he doesn’t break his promises.
The Bible is full of scriptures that declare God will never leave us, forsake us, or fail us.  Knowing God’s word is powerful, because when your emotions and your own logic are telling you that things are never going to get better, you have God’s promises that He will never fail you (Lam. 3:22).  When you feel so lonely, He will never forsake you (Deut. 4:31).  The Bible has a whole new meaning when you depend on those scriptures to bring you through.  The amazing part is when God brings you through, you realize that His word is alive and true.
Let God’s word strengthen you today, knowing that is it real and God always keeps His word!

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